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More iPhone Obsessiveness


I mentioned my love of spreadsheets in my last post, but it seems I did not realise the true depth of that love until I started feeding numbers vaguely related to the iPhone into Excel… It’s truly filthy and I am ashamed.

Anyway, as part of the road to accepting my row and column based perversion I have put up my spreadsheet on Google for the whole world to see. Well, if they click this link anyway.

By my calculations, the following things are true about the current state of play (or at least state of play come June 19th, shiny release day) with the iPhone:

  • Tethering is expensive, so I’m ignoring it
  • I’ll be getting a 16GB iPhone 3G[S] Supa-Compass as soon as I can, because I am a suckler at the teat of not-Steve.
  • If you don’t ever phone people then you’re probably better off with a PAYG phone than a contract. Obvious statement #1.
  • There’s not much (about¬†¬£5) between contract and PAYG for the unique set of restrictions I’ve applied in my spreadsheet to justify things to myself, as long as you consider any expenditure spread over 18 months. Otherwise it all gets scary pricy.
  • Comparing 24 month commitment upfront expenditure between the US and UK shows that the UK is actually a chunk cheaper than the US (infinitely, ~50% and ~12% as you go up the model list).
  • I suspect that we get charged lots more monthly in the UK than the US, however US mobile phone stuff scares me so I’m staying away from the AT&T website. Until later today at least…
  • Comparing PAYG costs between the US and UK shows that we are more expensive on all the phones, getting increasingly so as the prices go up (between about 4% and 10% more). Similar to the normal UK premium though.
  • iPhones are actually just rather expensive and I don’t really need one. However, since when has need driven purchases? I’m helping the economy. Yes. Helping.

If any of my numbers or assumptions look wrong please let me know. Share my obsessiveness, you know you want to.

Updated: spreadsheet and numbers in this post now that I’ve been reminded that the US have sales tax as well. Done tax at 5% and 10% in the sheet and used an average value in the vague numbers above. It doesn’t change things all that much, other than PAYG phones coming out as I expected rather than the UK being cheaper.


Comment from se71
Time 11th June 2009 at 7:22 am

I have no idea though what the jailbreak drawbacks are – but I’m sure no-Steve would be sad.

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