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London Film Festival

It is October and the LFF is almost on us again. Due to my recent spate of people not wanting to go and see the things I want to (which since Jhaelan left for warmer climes seems to be the case with the LFF each year as well) I went and booked tickets for myself already, so there.


Anyways, I’m off to see the following so far:

They’re all afternoon showings and I think they’re all sold out by now (they were pretty much when I got in my one day early for having signed up to the normall (but not this year) rather broken LFF website and their not so broken mailing list),  but if are you going along give me a shout so that it’s not a surprise when I see you hiding behind a bucket of popcorn trying to avoid my searching gaze.

There is, as ever, loads more goodness at the LFF and there are a few more films that I’m looking to get tickets to. So, to open myself to public rejection again, does anyone like the look of any of these?

The last of those four wasn’t on my list, but I’ve been keep an eye on Sizemore‘s reviews, as he’s got himself a press pass and is posting 12 second reviews of the films he sees over on – Goodbye Solo sounded good, so it has moved from the random pile to my list. Mike’s a man who seems to know what’s going on and has excellent taste, which I know mainly as he used to post my piccies up on Londonist every now and again when he worked over there. On that note, I got up on there again today – go me!

I like my theftidea of doing haiku film reviews and suspect I might end up adding some more to my current list. I even made a page to stick them on. I’m off to see Heavy Metal in Baghdad tonight though, which will let me combine documentary, METAL and haiku in one small pile of seventeen syallables – it may be too much for me and cause my tiny mind to pop. We shall see.


Comment from Sizemore
Time 1st October 2008 at 6:30 pm

Ta for the linkage 🙂

Good choices. Looking forward to Anvil myself

I saw a messed up movie today. Review to follow.

But also saw HMiB last night so if you do a 12 Seconds review I’ll be sure to add a reply \m/

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