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Again, I seem to be organising things. I don’t mean to, it sort of happens.

Anyways, there’s a flickr meetup coming up – we’re going to play at Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing on Saturday March 21st. I’ve been chatting to the faceless avatar of Bletchley on Twitter and one Saturday morning decided that rather than just do faceless avatar talking I should probably wander along. There’s the normal thread on Flickr and the plan is to get an 11:14 train from Euston.

However, the fun DOESN’T END THERE! I found a little note in my fantastic book of dreams (also known as ‘the notebook Billy carries around due to having the memory of a forgetful goldfish after a week of binge drinking, amateur brain surgery and Pam Anderson movie marathons, mainly consisting of the clinically damaging Barb Wire) mentioning ‘Pixelh8‘. I had no idea what that meant until I was poked on the Flickr thread and informed that he is actually a chiptune guy and he’s playing a gig on the evening of the 21st at Bletchley. What fantastic accidental timing. I am great.

He’s playing a new composition, specially put together for the evening (he’s also playing on Friday and one of the pieces is built around the sounds made by an electronic calculator as it churns through a string of numbers representing the date and time when it is meant to be performed, differing between the Friday and Saturday night. Which is pretty awesome) called Obsolete? using a bunch of the machines from TNMOC as well as other ‘obsolete’ bits of kit. Anyways, there are tickets up on sale via his site and there will be a few of us waiting in the pub beforehand (if we can find a pub…I assume Bletchley must have one) if you are around and would like a beverage. We might end up in a tea shop with flasks of weak lemon drink, hiding from the rain/snow/wind/inclement external conditions, but we will be around.

Thinking of beepy music, it seems that I bought the new Prodigy album this week. It was mildly annoying, as shortly after the final mp3 finished its speedy near-c trip from Amazon’s servers, I found that EMusic had it and their entire back catalogue up, ready for me to spend some of my 50 monthly tracks on. However, even though I had paid real money for it, I rather like it. It does seem that they’ve dusted off their old synths that they had hidden in the back of the cupboard and then combined their old sounds with Pendulum’s approach to drum beats, producing something that sounds strangely crossed in time, seemingly spanning about 15 years of music. Then again, I don’t know much about beepy music other than that I seem to like it these days, only coming to the party years after everyone else.

I just installed a tracker on my Nintendo DS so I too can put together beepy music on the go. So far I’ve almost got the Eastenders theme tune working, although as I only have 4 samples at the moment it’s not that exciting. And I think I forgot to save it…

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