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Pre-NomIn my normal style of double booking myself, I have two food related things I’m down for this weekend. Firstly, the one that I’m missing, is a barbeque where we will divvy up the pig that the Randomness posse bought a while back (named Ssenmodnar for historical reasons), which has finally reached the end of its hopefully happy life and is currently being chopped into pieces for us to eat. The lovely bob is my pig proxy and will be trying to ensure that I get a trotter or two as well as a bit of belly, while I go off to pimp myself to the blogosphere via the wonder of NomNomNom.

I’ve teamed up (well, been teamed up with thanks to the matchmaking skills of the ever present Annie Mole) with Kang, the London Eater, and between my ability to cook food that doesn’t kill people and his to eat food that doesn’t kill him we are certain to romp home to victorious victory.

I’ve started my preparations: I’ve checked my camera; lost my SD card reader; found the cable that plugs my camera into my computer; recorded a voice memo on my shiny new iPhone detailing our menu as I stomped around the house in a coffee induced fugue state; listened to the memo and realised that it made no sense and that I should really lay off the coffee; used semi-colons in a blog post in a potentially incorrect fashion; drunk some tea; made a spreadsheet with times in; accidentally deleted the spreadsheet with times in; made a new spreadsheet with just about the same times in; and taken the above picture, which I reckon is just about the right level of cliched cheesiness to top a post about getting ready to play at being a food blogger for a day.

Our menu is set (until such a time as we get to the farmers market and find that we can’t get the things that we need [although there is a Waitrose nearby for all of my Physalis needs]), I know where The Cookery School is (although that is only a recent occurrence, as I’ve been telling people it’s in Southwark for the last few weeks) and I’ve narrowed down which geeky t-shirt I’m going to wear to only 10 or so.

Wish me luck.