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Edinburgh Ho!

It has reached that magical time of year again and I’m off to Edinburgh to be an horrific tourist at the Fringe, and donate money to the whisky and comedy venue industries. I have a nice flat, a couple of bookings (Marcus Brigstocke and A-Team: The Musical), a restaurant reservation, a mate who’s helping on a show and two Sekrit Missions.

Mission 1 is to scare Helen Arney, a mate of Steve from work, by going to her show and saying hello from him.

Mission 2 is to find Richard Herring and present him with my completed Nandos reward card. This may seem strange, but it does sort of make sense, but does take listening to 70ish podcasts and watching too many of his shows to completely understand. Actually, that’s a lie – he likes Nandos, has mentioned it in sets and has been asking for gifts in a shameless manner that I’m quite jealous of, but anything that I can add to the impression that I am one of his worrying stalky fans can only really add to the whole experience. I have been asked to mention the Thomyk podcast if my path crosses with Mr Herring’s, but I’m not sure whether their occasional mentions of my greatness over the last 3 weeks are quite enough to buy that advertising from me. I’m not cheap.

Richard Herring
I’m not a stalker

I’ve done a bit more thinking this year (and less organising than last time) and have other interesting things to do that aren’t comedy related – I need to go and see Mesrine, which looks rather excellent and is showing in a couple of cinemas at sensible times, the Interactive Festival is on for me to play some games and…er…the Whisky Society is still open? Well, two things that aren’t comedy. I’m sure I’ll think of more.

I haveĀ  just noticed that the Nandos card may need one more thing purchased to unlock the whole chicken prize at the end. I may have to eat at Nandos tomorrow lunchtime. Research will be done…


Comment from minifig
Time 12th August 2009 at 9:51 pm

You’re pretty cheap aren’t you? You did our podcast for free…

Comment from billy
Time 13th August 2009 at 7:41 am

That went against my advertising budget. The next time will be at my normal rates. My very reasonable normal rates.
(please let me be on your podcast again…I’ll be good)