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Edinburgh – Day 4

And so my train based adventure continues. The two new victims from Alnmouth were latched onto by the talkative lady from Doncaster (Donny) with a ferocity that I have barely seen. The husband of the aging couple got away lightly, being sat next to me and not near enough to be patted on the arm as much, but his wife was beaten by an onslaught of tales, all of which I had heard earlier. Her grin started fading and every time she reached for her newspaper her wrist was grabbed and patted by the talkative lady, slowly dragging her hand away from salvation. Her husband is an intelligent man and while using a conversation with me as a front quickly came up with the idea of escape via the dining car. They ran but as they left the talkative lady assured them that she would join them and took off after them, although not until she had imparted another 5 minutes of ‘useful’ information to me, of course. The things I know about chalets in Cleethorpes now could well cause permanent mental impairment in the future.

I am now sat in silent bliss, the raucous laughter of the surrounding seats now having died down after the departure of the lovely, but talkative, lady and I am typing and looking after my new found travelling companions’ seats like a good brow beaten child.

On the Saturday I had a number of missions, as I had a new plan for Monday (to be described in Monday’s entry) and thus my afternoons were starting to fill. I started the day with breakfast/lunch at the Tempting Tattie, the Richard Herring belove-d baked potato shop a few minutes walk up the road from my flat. He has spoken about the place from time to time (and is trying to organise a ‘gathering’ next week sometime to try and run them out of potatoes) and thought I’d go along for some stalker points. Mr Herring wasn’t in there, but while I was chomping on my tempting potato (with beans and cheese – only £3.30) Hattie Hayridge wandered in for a pre-show snack. She doesn’t eat very much.

I popped round the corner for my first show of the day – Rich Sandling‘s Perfect Movie. It’s part of the Free Fringe and features Mr Sandling (who I saw and very much enjoyed in his tuberculoid cave last year) and a different bunch of comedic guests each day, talking about their favourite movies and acting out some scenes. We had Paul Gannon (favourite film Ghostbusters) telling us of the wonders of Howard The Duck and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, followed by Matt Forde acting out, with Rich Sandling, scenes from his favourite film – the cheery “Dead Man’s Shoes”. It was rather good, even if the afternoon free fringe shows do seem to be full of people hiding from the rain, drunk locals and other people who are slightly confused as to what’s going on. The guys who stood up in the middle of the otherwise seated crowd having a loud chat while Rich Sandling tried to open the show stopped being funny very quickly. Although unfortunately not to themselves.

I departed from the Canon’s Gait and went for a bit of a meander, stopping for a look at hats as well as checking out what other mid afternoon shows were to be had. Eventually I settled on a show at The Dragonfly (a venue with the best room for a gig ever – it was someone’s front room, complete with sofas and recessed bar) – You Are Being Lied To by David Mulholland. It was a fairly amusing romp through the way that newspapers lie to you, with some special attention for The Sun, Daily Mail and Telegraph, as expected.

I wandered back over the hill to the whisky society to meet up with the gang for some beverages, and laziness pinned us to our chairs for some tasty whisky and food, again being struck by the ‘no reservations on a busy night in Edinburgh’ problem. The others went their various ways to find shows and I ended up back in the flat, having lost the will to do much but sleep, and after the internet broke, removing my ability to book a ticket to the rather good looking Stand Late Show, turned in early. I am rock and roll incarnate.