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Edinburgh 2009

I’ve written a lot about my Edinburgh trip. As such, here’s a little summary:

  • Ho! – In which missions are declared
  • Day 1 – Where I travel, eat food and watch the A-Team
  • Day 2 – Where I watch a film, see The Brigstocke and stalk Andrew O’Neill
  • Day 3 – Where I watch Helen Arney and Trevor Lock, and eat a kebab
  • Day 4 – Where I don’t do a lot, but do drink some whisky and watch Rich Sandling
  • Day 5 – Where I do lots, including seeing Richard Herring (I’m not a stalker).
  • Day 6 – Where I go home after not being murdered at a mysterious feast with Coney.

I failed half of my sekrit missions, went too early to see Robin Ince (who as far as I can see from Twitter is organising and running about 20 shows a day…) and in the end didn’t actually take very many photos. However, I did have a burger cooked in a pizza oven and an excellent kebab, was recognised by two performers, participated in an occult ritual and saw Jerry Sadowitz eating an ice cream, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Oh yeah, I also saw some rather good shows…