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Flying kites

This weekend I was down in sunny (for Saturday at least) Shoreham-by-Sea, home of my grandparents, former location of my Dad’s school (which was knocked down and replaced by a library and community centre, and after moving around a bit is back on the other side of Shoreham) and now home to the DaveNLet gestalt entity, former flatmate(s) and now landlord(s). There was a warming of their house and a barbequeing of some food (courtesy of my AWESOME grill skillZ) before we wandered down to the beach – they have one nearby, so it is Law. As is also Law, one of our group was mad enough to strip to his pants and run into the sea. Well done Pete.


There were a bunch of kite-surfers, and the chap above saw me taking photos and started buzzing the shore in front of us. Unfortunately, shooting with a long manual focus lens with a broken focusing ring meant that the potentially fantastic close-up shots of him hanging upside down from his kite about 10ft in the air are merely of an indistinguishable blob in front of a very crisp distant ship. It was a very nice ship though.

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