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It’s been a bit of week, as demonstrated by the fact that apart from a “powernap” at about midday I haven’t slept since Friday night (hooray for Sci-Fi-London and my 2nd consecutive weekend with some kind of all-nighter thing going on. I have another next week…). Anyways, not much in the way of creativity going on outside of work and a quickly knocked up iPhone app for the BCS Young Professionals group. So, in the spirit of putting up something here’s one of my traditional Stormtrooper piccies from the first event of the Sci-Fi-London Oktoberfest – an evening of sci-fi geekery at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.


I also, to continue my rather scary number of vocal appearances, guested on the GeekPlanetOnline‘s flagship show – The Eclectic Podcast 1×17 – In Space Noone Can Hear You Squee! In order to keep my promises I watched Alien 3 at last night’s Aliens and Predators All-Nighter. It was okay.


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