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Festive creations

The christmas period isn’t just a time for me to sit on my arse and work as a food and drink processing plant. I also participate in present giving and, more importantly as far as this post is concerned, done made stuff.

Other than the small stack of posts before this one, I’ve also done a bit of podcasting:

One More Go Episode 4:

(we’re doing about an hour every couple of weeks from now on, so the days of the mammoth two and half hour podcasts are done. For now…)

Pod Delusion New Year Awards Special:

(I did the bit about the year’s best disease. It’s swine flu, just to make sure that there’s no suspense)Entourage 2015 movie download

I also did a roundup of my festive boozing over on t’Booze Blog and spent the last 3 days doing a lot of logging into work to make things not be broken any more. I don’t have a link to that, though.

I’ve got a Billy’s Decade of Gaming article sitting on the tip of my brain, ready for writing, although I have the problem that I’m very lazy, which does make such things difficult. I should probably at least do a 2009 in gaming, as well as get this half edited review of Tales of Monkey Island Episode 5 over to to go with the one of Ep 4. It’s all go…

Despite all that, I still found time to watch Lesbian Vampire Killers this afternoon. Dont judge me. It was free, so at least I don’t have the stain of paying for it on my conscience. Scarily, it wasnt all that bad. It’s no Ninja The Protector, but what is? Anyways, I’m now following up my intellectual start the filmic year with Underworld: Evolution, which seems to mainly be Kate Beckinsale in a wet leather trousers competition. I’ve seen worse things.

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