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What I Been Doing

I might claim that this post is more for me to mark what I’ve been doing recently, but I suspect it’d be a lie and I’m merely an attention seeker with this being another demonstration of my ‘condition’. I MUST BE LOVED!


I recently tried my hand at editing the OneMoreGo podcast and failed quite spectacularly. As such, fellow bearded gamer Matt tutted and Got It Done, meaning that it appeared yesterday, only a week late. I think I rant in it a bit, but can’t remember as it was a whole two weeks ago that we recorded it. Here it is:


I also managed to get some more bits on the Pod Delusion, although I suspect that this means that James needed to fill in about 3 minutes to get it up to length. My most recent rant asking photographers to be ‘nice’ may appear at some time in the future, but for now here’s the episode from last week with me (it now seems…I’m sure this wasn’t my attention) calling for Tony Robinson to harass homeopaths. I reckon that should be homeopathists, it’s a much better word.

And now I go to protest about photographers’ rights. I’m not sure that assembling in Trafalgar Square is all that controversial (the Canary Wharf flash mob the other week was a bit more subversive) but I’ll go along and add my large mass to the en masse to make the crowd one Billy bigger. I might even try some of this ‘journalism’ thing that I’ve heard talk of. It sounds exciting.

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