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In the ghettooooo

Brewdog in the ghetto studio

I went to Paperchase today and bought myself a nice big sheet of white card. I was given approving looks by the various customers (I suspect that they don’t get that many Metallica hat wearing bearded men trying to delicately manoeuvre a large piece of card around while pleading with the cashier to be careful not to crease it. She wasn’t all that careful) and I have put it to good use in building my ghetto photo studio mk2 – overhead lights, a chair, a piece of card, my camera and a tripod. The above piccy is my only real success (you can see the background getting darker in my other attempts), but with cow-orkers in the US at the moment to mule me back a polariser and the ready availability of clip-on lamps for cheap in my local Roberto Dyasi I see ghetto studio mk2 working even better than mk1. This time I’ve got an A0 piece of card…