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New Shiny!

Because I like buying myself presents, I seem to have acquired a new camera. Instead of the random bits of Oxfam related, light leaky, film loving, toy-ness, I ‘ve actually gone and bought one released within the last 6 months – a Canon Powershot S90. I blame DrPlokta for buying a GF1 (which I was tempted by) and others (who mentioned the S90 and thus tempted me. Thankyou), but that’s only to justify it to my rather miserly brain.

Anyways, as a review request has been put in, I suspect I may write more about it in the future. In the meantime, here is a mosaicy thing of testy photos:


1. Vintage Tree, 2. Bishopsgate Tower, 3. Powah, 4. Finsbury Square, 5. Panamanian Golden Frog, 6. IMG_0001

In soldering news, I have now put together 28 of the 126 LEDs in my LoL Shield. I am now down to quite pretty and minimal soldering (about 3/4 of the time, the rest is big blobs of metal trimmed with wirecutters) and an average of a minute per LED. Jimmie, designer of the board, advised me to do a row of LEDs at at time – I tried that on the first row of the 5×7 grid of my last kit and it didn’t go well, so I’m being very slow for now…

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