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Karaoke Circus at the 100 Club

Another pair of months has past and another Karaoke Circus has been and gone. This time it was slightly different from the last couple as it was a) at the 100 Club and b) featured the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra in its quite wide expanse – they filled most of the width of the 100 Club with strings and brass, and the stage with a harp and Jeremy Limb (of The Trap) on piano. Another thing that was different was that I had my Proper Camera with me, having been lugging it around as ballast in the bottom of my laptop bag – the bag falls over if it doesn’t have a camera in the bottom. As such there were pictures, which are up on flickr. However as I like pictures here are a few:

Chris AddisonRobin InceDan and The Baron
The Shaft ChorusIMGP5412

The next Karaoke Circus is at Latitude and the one after that is at the Edinburgh festival at midnight on August 17th. I arrive at 2:30pm on August 18th. The fates hate me.

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