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I am an occasionally beardy, mostly balding computery person, who lives and works in London, in Ealing and The City (I don’t work for a bank) respectively. Outside of my long standing interest of learning everything about everything, there a few things that butter my proverbial muffin:

  1. Photography – You can find my piccies out on flickr as well as scattergunned across this site and other bits of the web. I’ve been taking photos for about 5 or 6 years, moving up from a digi-compact to a film SLR when I realised that buying my own movie camera could be an expensive proposition. I now claim to tinker with toy and film cameras as well as my digi-SLR, but my laziness at setting up the bits to develop film at home has partly scuppered that for now. When asked I say that I like to take pictures of the corners of buildings and that I want to take more photos of bands. I am working on both still.
  2. Music – I am a player of plucked string instruments (I would say ‘guitarist’ but I bought a mandolin, uke and banjo so I like to at least think that I will one day be able to play them) and have a drumkit that I am trying to learn how to hit in time with my mp3 player. On top of that I like lots of music, from Frank Sinatra to Lamb of God to Aphex Twin to the Rolling Stones. Mostly I like things with guitars in, but I’m learning that’s not the be all and end all of good tunes. I’m on and am always open for new recommendations – tell me things.
  3. Reading and writing – I like books and, as the rampant spiel above may demonstrate, writing. I read lots of stuff, although I do return mainly to my main love of Science Fiction. Writing-wise I stick pretty much everything up on this blog (although my aborted attempt at writing post-apocalyptic noir fiction for nanowrimo will remain hidden until I actually work out a story) and rather like writing things where I don’t have to make up anything – despite having a fevered imagination I’m a bit shit at making up stories (well, ones that I’m not telling about myself down the pub, at least).
  4. Movies – I am a pretentious movie-lover, although I’ve noticed a distinct love of the works of Jason Statham working their way into my brain of late. This is an aberration that I think may need to be burned out. With fire. I am very much behind on the great films of cinema history and am working my way through all the various masterpieces I’ve missed. I’m also working my way through the works of Rutger Hauer, Steven Seagal and Dolph Lundgren, but I claim this is because I am special.
  5. Comics – I am a slave to the nice people of Gosh and read an increasingly small pile of comics each week. I like pretty much anything, although I do read a worryingly large number of superhero books (and despite not reading any Batman comics regularly I was, last time I checked, top google hit for ‘Batman uppercutting a shark’ even though I think Chris Sims should have that honour). I also have a signed photo of Adam West on my wall, but don’t tell everyone – people think it’s weird for some reason.
  6. Whisky, beer and booze – I’m a member of the SMWS and CAMRA, and a devotee of the cocktail (preferably ones uncut with fruit juice). To try and offset this I’m also an increasingly pretentious tea and coffee drinker. Ask me sometime about my search for a correct teastrainer
  7. Food – while my svelte, and some might say ocelot-like, figure may not betray it, I am a lover of eating. However, I’m also a big fan of making food, along with the science of cookery and increasingly the theatre of serving. I blame Heston Blumenthal for the latter pieces and my mum for the earlier. This is what happens when you are informed on your 15th birthday that  as your mum’s done the cooking for most of the last 15 years it’s your turn now. I occasional do experiments. Sometimes they even work.

Most of all I’m interested in the future. Not only Flying Cars and personal jet packs, but the way that technology is changing the way that we do stuff. I’ve got a Sony Reader and pimp ebooks at everyone I meet; I have an iPod touch and wander round my house with it as a ‘personal internet tablet’; I play with twitter, phreadz, 12seconds, plurk, facebook (spit), livejournal and whatever other online interaction tools I can find, as I see them being a key part of how we will interact in the future. Basically, I like shiny things and hopefully being able to say “Yeah, I remember when this were nowt but fields”, but with technology. Or something.

I blog here now, but crosspost pretty much everything to my LiveJournal, where I’ve been writing random crap for a few years. If you do want to comment on a post please do so wherever you want – I don’t really care as long as you validate my existence by commenting. I’m also on Google Plus.

My “proper” website is over at, although there’s not much on there apart from a link back here. Maybe one day…