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Ten Albums

While clearing out some long-forgotten document folders on my increasingly creaking laptop, I found this written up but never posted but of Facebook memeage: I was nominated by Iain Allan to post the 10 albums that made the biggest impact on me and are still in rotation, and then nominate a person each day to […]

Arduino Nanos, Chinese Clones and WCH CH340 Drivers

One of the things I’ve learned during my recent electronics tinkery, is that China produces very cheap components. Intellectually I knew this to be the case, but after a few searches on Amazon I discovered in a much more practical way quite how cheap they are. So, I now have a big ‘bits’ box full […]

On Air Travel and the Inevitability of Mediocrity

I have long had a strange relationship with air travel. Since I was a child, I’ve both loved and hated it in almost equal proportions. As I’ve aged, the hatred has changed from being due to a fear of crashing to an annoyance with people who don’t seem to understand the way that an airport […]

Mobile Blogging

I’m someone who’s quite good at getting obsessed with things. The latest on that list (which has also included sous-vide cooking, skateboarding, and the use of parentheses within parentheses [with a focus on changing from rounded to square brackets {with occasional forays into curly braces}] with emphasis on ensuring that they are closed in the […]

Olympic openings

So, sport has now begun. I’m good at becoming obsessively interested in things so generally try and avoid the Olympics, but my inability to meld calendars with reality means that this year I’m going to Edinburgh on the day of the closing ceremony, thus avoiding London in one of the two weeks between the two […]

The Dark Knight Rises

Here be spoilers. Go away if you don’t want spoilers. Stop now. Or just stop if you don’t want to read stuff that has flowed from my head, which is a very sensible thing to do. This is a brain dump, you have been warned. The Mondo teaser poster. It is lovely.

On Fish Fingers and Sandwiches

I am a man with many obsessions. Unfortunately, in most cases they are merely half-arsed obsessions, mild over attentiveness that is generally seen as being between slightly worrying and worthy of medical attention. However, one of them that tips just over into the “he’s actually putting some effort into that, best leave him alone” is […]


Spoiler Alert – this will contain spoilers. Probably from the next sentence.

Perfect food

This blog seems to lay fallow quite a lot of the time at the moment. With a job that involves writing, a booze blog that I feel needs to be updated on occasion and my traditionally high levels of apathy, laziness and ooh look at the shiny thing over there!-ness I don’t often get round […]

On sense descriptions, the joys of transport and my ability to injure myself

It surprises me how easily I dismiss other people’s descriptions of how their brain interprets the world. Being that I’m now about to embark on career that, in part, will ask me to describe flavours, I really should know by now that everyone experiences things differently and that interpreting the words that are used in […]