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This week I have mainly been busy. Busy and tired. However I did manage to fit in another cinema all-nighter to make three weekends in a row where I lost a night of sleep. Last night’s was with the lovely peeps of Geekplanet, who put together an all-night horror movie session along with the Empire […]


It’s been a bit of week, as demonstrated by the fact that apart from a “powernap” at about midday I haven’t slept since Friday night (hooray for Sci-Fi-London and my 2nd consecutive weekend with some kind of all-nighter thing going on. I have another next week…). Anyways, not much in the way of creativity going […]

iPhone, ho!

Just a quick ‘what creative thing I did this week’ as I don’t really have anything I can post online. Firstly I put together another podcast segment for The Pod Delusion, this one called ‘Fuck You Moon’, which will be out on Friday if it makes it past guest editor Will Howells‘s comedic chopper. However, […]

Creative things in a week of sickness

This week the main thing I created was whinging noises due to HORRIFIC MAN FLU, the likes of which most people would shrug off, but that I, like the crying child I am, was brought low by. This gave me a chunk of time in which to be ‘creative’, but also little urge to do […]


Yet again Sunday has rolled around and I’ve had a think as to what I’ve done this week that could be called creative. Unfortunately as a craft project I started tinkering with yesterday fell apart (literally) at the point that I realised that I had no sticky tape I am left with but one thing […]

Pure Talent

Recently my brain has been shutting down a bit, with work being busy and me booking myself up to run around like a loon at all other times. So, I have now decreed that in an attempt to make the aforementioned spongy grey blob earn its overly generous portion of my food powered energy I […]