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The iPad is now finally released in the UK and thus can the local holy faithful of Lord Steve buy the latest sacrement and make sure that he can afford enough baby orphan stem cells to run the immortality tent that he regenerates in nightly. ALL HAIL LORD STEVE I am turning my back on […]

…and so my endless childhood collapses a bit more

After the shock of seeing a shirt and deciding that it needed and iron last week (something that I have never thought before) it was only a small surprise that I looked in the mirror and decided that maybe my hair ‘style’ was maybe a little silly. As such I took the great step of […]

Confit Pork Belly

I’ve not done much cooking recently, but I was struck with a craving for things that were bad for me the other week and put together the following tastiness – Confit pork belly with creamy bacony lentils. Ingredients: Pork Belly (I used a bit that was about 1/2 a kilo) Salt Lard Peppercorns 3 cloves […]

These are some of my favourite things – #46: Karaoke Circus

There are many things in this world that make me happy, but one has quite recently entered my sphere of awareness – Karaoke Circus. Run by Martin White and Danielle Ward it’s a night of Karaoke accompanied by a live band, alternating between singers who have volunteered from the audience and comedians who have been […]

April Fool’s round-up

This year I have been surprised by the fact that I have actually been amused by more than one April Fool’s day website and as such I am compelled to post on this here blog with some linkies: The Guardian – Olaf Priol’s scoop on Labour’s new election slogan – “Step outside posh boy” Google […]

Obsessive attention to new hobby update…

So, my Arduino kit turned up, I finished soldering my LoL Shield and I’ve now been playing with it for a few days. It seems I like electronics.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) I’ve mainly been tinkering with the shield (getting the LEDs to do multiple brightnesses, moving dots around by using some buttons, […]

So(l)dering Update

98 LEDs soldered in place. 28 to go. This morning my wake-up routine was: get up, check work hadn’t exploded (I’m on call), make coffee, switch on soldering iron, solder 2 rows of LEDs (saving the rest as I’ve almost run out), think about going to Maplin at lunch to buy another electronics kit to […]

New Shiny!

Because I like buying myself presents, I seem to have acquired a new camera. Instead of the random bits of Oxfam related, light leaky, film loving, toy-ness, I ‘ve actually gone and bought one released within the last 6 months – a Canon Powershot S90. I blame DrPlokta for buying a GF1 (which I was […]

The smell of burning metal

I seem to have accidentally acquired a new hobby. For years I’ve been intrigued by electronics but despite my Dad being an electronic engineer (in ye olden dayes, before he started selling wine instead) I never ended up playing much with hardware. There was an incident involving a soldering iron, a broken scalextric car and […]

The Cold North

I went on holiday the other week, as is (not) often my wont, and spent the time being remarkably relaxed in the mobile phone signal free idyll of Aviemore in sunny snowy Scotland. We got a lot of snow shortly after arriving, replenishing that already there, and I even had the chance to do a […]