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DHS is not the same as DFS. Better sofas at the former.

My favourite spam headline of the day, conforming to the recent trend of “likely” news stories: Beijing postpones Olympics due to McCain-Dalai Lama meeting Now that’s a meeting that I’d like to sit in on. In other not particularly related news, we got hit by a “Communique Extra” from the lovely folks at Hogg Robinson […]

The shiny…it calls to me…an irrestible siren call.

I am weak, but I quite like it that way. I ended up in B&H on Sunday (slightly hungover after going out for an evening with bethlet and forgetting that they don’t serve whisky in tiny 25ml measures in the US. That said, the 20yr old Van Winkle is rather nice) and gave in to […]

Connecticut. Ho. But not at the same time in my hotel.

So, it seems I need practise in spinning drumsticks, if the combined danger to both breakable items in my lounge and the rather fragile joints in my fingers are anything to go by. Luckily my gin is still on the table and intact, my fingers are all working still (despite a mild ache due to […]

Random Music (half our to kill before a meeting) Thursday – Mad Capsule Markets (The)

So, I’m off to talk about marketing in a bit, so to cleanse my soul before becoming embroiled in such things, here is some shiny music: The Mad Capsule Markets – Japan’s answer to Atari Teenage Riot, say all the online things/magazines/etcs. I would be able to confirm or deny this statement if I’d heard […]

Office drumming

I seem to be obsessed with drumming at the moment. But I’ve still not bought myself a drumkit, although I am still looking. Anyway, just found this on the YouTube: It’s nice to see that FuckedCompany’s “Pud” is still as happily mad as ever. I’ve almost finished “Hard” on Rock Band drums, but unfortunately have […]

Bob Log III

I have obtained a ticket to go and see the mighty power of Bob Log III at the Hundred Club on September 18th. He’s a one man band in a jump suit and bubble fronted helmet with an attached telephone, which he sings through, a guitar, which he plays The Blues on, and a minimal […]

Shameless Whoring

I did the London Transport Museum Flickr Scavenger Hunt the other week, LTMFSH to its friends, and my team, Team Elephant and Castle, were the on the day best looking team and also the WINNERS of the first past the post, most clues got, pretty damn sweet prize. I have now eaten my share of […]

I aten’t dead

I have not posted for a while, and leaving my blog sitting on a sweary blog post about bad music just doesn’t seem right. I have done many things in the last $time_period and have many things I want to write about – some of these may even reach this hallowed niche of the net. […]

Mental Cruelty

From an IM conversation: dave_adam_morris: did you see celine dione acdc Billy Abbott: er Billy Abbott: no? dave_adam_morris: [Celine Dion’s cover of AC/DC’s Back in Black voted worst cover song ever] dave_adam_morris: that makes me a sad panda Billy Abbott: hehe Billy Abbott: Billy Abbott: there you go Billy Abbott: you can listen to the […]

Posh nosh

I am a sucker for the shiny newness and also rather fond of a tasty breakfast, so the opening of L’Anima, a new restaurant nestled in the shiny glass and metallic mattness of one of the units under my office, was something I have been looking forward to. The problem was that it just wouldn’t […]