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I take a rather scattergun approach to my presence on the internet, spraying accounts across the web like a sugar hyped five year old on the Texas border with a machine pistol, a hatred of state signs and some time on his hands.

I also do tortured metaphor.

Here are some of the places where I can be found on the internet:

There are probably others that I’ve forgotten…

I also rather like IM and with the shininess of Adium I have all my accounts on the go at once. You can find me on the following networks:

  • Yahoo – cowfishbill YIM! Online Status
  • MSN –
  • GTalk –
  • LJJabber – billyabbott
  • ICQ – 35959919
  • Skype – billyabbott

If you add me on an IM system please tell me who you are, even if you think it’s obvious.

I am also on email at billy at