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Tag: #amp08

Amplified08 (or Amplified 08 depending on what google says…)

For years I’ve been interested in the way that people interact online, from chatting via the terminal at college, through blogging LiveJournal, to the constant barrage of Twitter and it’s new ilk. These days these are all rolled up under the rather inclusive banner of “Social Media” a term that I feel has little meaning. […]

Why I have been so quiet today…

Despite being off work and having talked at Amplified08 yesterday I have had little interaction with the world, not even the disembodied world that is the internets. Why? I hear you ask in a quavering voice. Why have you not graced us with your awesome (in the original “inspires awe” meaning) presence today? For why? […]

The Future of Books, prelude

Well, time has done it’s normal thing and flown, leaving me with a day before I help present a session on the Future of the Book with Annie Mole and Chris Meade tomorrow at Amplified 08. I’m the eBook person, it seems, and I’ve been formulating my various ideas about the wonder of future as […]