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Never judge a reader by the cover of their book

A while back I read an interesting post on Shana’s blog that got me to thinking. Being a rabid e-book advocate these days I’d not really thought much about the external influence of book covers on people other than the reader. Most people I’ve heard talk about covers in the past, when mentioning other people […]

Amplified08 (or Amplified 08 depending on what google says…)

For years I’ve been interested in the way that people interact online, from chatting via the terminal at college, through blogging LiveJournal, to the constant barrage of Twitter and it’s new ilk. These days these are all rolled up under the rather inclusive banner of “Social Media” a term that I feel has little meaning. […]

The Future of Books, prelude

Well, time has done it’s normal thing and flown, leaving me with a day before I help present a session on the Future of the Book with Annie Mole and Chris Meade tomorrow at Amplified 08. I’m the eBook person, it seems, and I’ve been formulating my various ideas about the wonder of future as […]


I’m rather loving the ebook thing, even though my current read is a bit hard going, but book availability is still in its early days. Waterstones are the official partners of Sony in the UK and my first trawl around their site (pushed along by the ¬£20 ebook voucher that I bought from them for […]

Sony Reader: The Movie

If you want to play with phreadz, which is lovely and run by the lovely Kosso who does it all of it himself, then you should be able to get a beta (closed beetroot era, to be exact) login via the politics channel. I seem to have agreed this evening to look into sorting out […]

Sony Reader, the Return

So, I continue my life without papery books. I’ve had my Sony Reader for a few weeks now, and it is still lovely. Since my day one purchase of Anathem and upload of a bunch of classics, I’ve also grabbed Peter Hamilton’s Temporal Void, a pile of Tor short stories, a couple from¬†Bookkake‘s collection, Neil […]

Reading, on a jetplane^H^Hthe tube

So, with the talk of shiny new MacBooks appearing today, I have been thinking a lot about shiny techy things of late. With the destruction of my little old MacBook via the medium of a glass of red wine I have been considering getting one of those new ones, especially when I heard the rumour […]