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Edinburgh 2009

I’ve written a lot about my Edinburgh trip. As such, here’s a little summary: Ho! – In which missions are declared Day 1 – Where I travel, eat food and watch the A-Team Day 2 – Where I watch a film, see The Brigstocke and stalk Andrew O’Neill Day 3 – Where I watch Helen […]

Edinburgh – Day 6

Check out from our flat was at 11am and our train at 5pm, giving us a day of festivities before retreating south back to London. The first mission of the day was dump our bags in the Waverley station left luggage lockers – it was also our first upset as we waited for 25 minutes […]

Edinburgh – Day 5

They talkative lady still has my other impromptu table mates trapped in the dining car. It’s only 25 minutes until we hit dear old Doncaster, so I suspect I might be saved any more tales. I hope. Anyways, Sunday. My only remaining booking was for the evening – Richard Herring‘s Hitler Moustache at The Underbelly […]

Edinburgh – Day 4

And so my train based adventure continues. The two new victims from Alnmouth were latched onto by the talkative lady from Doncaster (Donny) with a ferocity that I have barely seen. The husband of the aging couple got away lightly, being sat next to me and not near enough to be patted on the arm […]

Edinburgh – Day 3

I am much remiss and several days behind on my Edinburgh write-ups. Now that I’m on the train home and hemmed in by a nice couple that got on at Alnmouth and a talkative lady that has told me the entire history of her life and that of her family (and who I will be […]

Edinburgh – Day 2

It seems I’ve got into a bad habit of walking a lot and forgetting to eat. This is not an ideal situation and I’m writing this now, while watching Steven Seagull run up and down a train, in an effort to get my brain onto paper before I forget what I’ve seen. First up we […]

Edinburgh – Day 1

I’m not staying at the Travelodge, but I know where the nearest one is So, I made it to Edinburgh without losing any travel companions, despite the best efforts of the Metropolitan line to stretch the bonds of friendship and cause deep examination of the terms & conditions of our train tickets. The journey up […]

Edinburgh Ho!

It has reached that magical time of year again and I’m off to Edinburgh to be an horrific tourist at the Fringe, and donate money to the whisky and comedy venue industries. I have a nice flat, a couple of bookings (Marcus Brigstocke and A-Team: The Musical), a restaurant reservation, a mate who’s helping on […]