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Edinburgh 2009

I’ve written a lot about my Edinburgh trip. As such, here’s a little summary: Ho! – In which missions are declared Day 1 – Where I travel, eat food and watch the A-Team Day 2 – Where I watch a film, see The Brigstocke and stalk Andrew O’Neill Day 3 – Where I watch Helen […]

Edinburgh – Day 6

Check out from our flat was at 11am and our train at 5pm, giving us a day of festivities before retreating south back to London. The first mission of the day was dump our bags in the Waverley station left luggage lockers – it was also our first upset as we waited for 25 minutes […]

Edinburgh – Day 4

And so my train based adventure continues. The two new victims from Alnmouth were latched onto by the talkative lady from Doncaster (Donny) with a ferocity that I have barely seen. The husband of the aging couple got away lightly, being sat next to me and not near enough to be patted on the arm […]

Edinburgh – Day 3

I am much remiss and several days behind on my Edinburgh write-ups. Now that I’m on the train home and hemmed in by a nice couple that got on at Alnmouth and a talkative lady that has told me the entire history of her life and that of her family (and who I will be […]

Edinburgh – Day 2

It seems I’ve got into a bad habit of walking a lot and forgetting to eat. This is not an ideal situation and I’m writing this now, while watching Steven Seagull run up and down a train, in an effort to get my brain onto paper before I forget what I’ve seen. First up we […]

Edinburgh – Day 1

I’m not staying at the Travelodge, but I know where the nearest one is So, I made it to Edinburgh without losing any travel companions, despite the best efforts of the Metropolitan line to stretch the bonds of friendship and cause deep examination of the terms & conditions of our train tickets. The journey up […]