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Drag Me To The Hell

I like Sam Raimi. Despite the abominations of the Spiderman trilogy (with the third making me question my fondness for him in an almost vocal manner) I have hung in there and awaited a return to making silly scrungy horror. My wait seemed to be in vain, but is now over with the release of […]

Crank High Voltage

It’s strange when a film as seemingly thoughtless as Crank 2 inspires so much thought. For someone who hasn’t seen anything from the franchise they probably appear to be big dumb action movies, with Jason Statham put in increasing situations of ridiculousness which he gets out of in increasingly violent ways, however I think there […]

Making movies, making songs and fighting ’round the world

This weekend I done made a film. Not one of my ‘special’ movies that the restraining order says I can’t send to Belinda Carlisle any more, but an entry for the SCI-FI-LONDON 48hour Film Challenge. I didn’t really mean to enter, it just sort of happened. After taking some piccies of the cinema full of […]


When it comes to film, this weekend’s viewing has been a total write off. Not only were they bad films, but they have shaken my faith that even the worst movies can have a factor of amusement and that the glorification of mediocrity can in itself be fun. No, these films were bad enough to […]

Go Christina Ricci Go!

I rather like my XBox. Not only does it enable me to develop sciatica and convince me to take up drumming, it also keeps the front of my lounge warm, lets me discover the various UPS dropoff points in London when it breaks, and take pretty pictures of broken technology. However, on top of all […]