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NomNomNom – Team Cowfish and Eater: The Day of Cookening

Sunday July 12th was the fateful day where my experimentation ended and I had to dance like a performing monkey for the pleasure of the assembled judges. Well, more ‘buy ingredients and then cook a meal’, but an opportunity to compare myself to a performing monkey is not one that I will often turn aside. […]

NomNomNom – Experiment 3: Beefy Goodness

The title of this post is a little misleading and chosen because I like consistency. This should really be “Experiments that I would have done if a) the simple version hadn’t worked so well and b) I was sure of the likelihood of a blowtorch and temperature regulated waterbath system being available at the Cookery […]

NomNomNom – Experiment 2: A Trio of Granitas

One of the restrictions on our menus that the NomNomNom folks made up was that one course had to be entirely uncooked. At first this caused a bit of thinking, with Kang and I both throwing sushi and salads into the mix before we settled on pushing the uncooked to the end of the meal […]

NomNomNom – Experiment 1: Yorkshire Pudding

I’ve used NomNomNom as an excuse to do some experimentation. Not that interesting experimentation for most people, but I will have my fun. So experiment #1 is a dish that I have never cooked before, and one that after specific contemplation I’ve decided that I don’t like on an intellectual level, but after eating have […]


In my normal style of double booking myself, I have two food related things I’m down for this weekend. Firstly, the one that I’m missing, is a barbeque where we will divvy up the pig that the Randomness posse bought a while back (named Ssenmodnar for historical reasons), which has finally reached the end of […]

Battered Sausage and Jam

After last week’s jelly experimentation I decided that Sunday afternoon cooking SCIENCE! is something that I should repeat – hence this week’s activities: Deep fried blackcurrant battered sausage, with blackcurrant jam and vegetable crisps. At the end of last week, shortly after chomping my way through a small bag of hot cross buns filled with […]


I have been recently inspired to cook things again and St Heston’s current series is making me think of silly things. So, this weekend’s experiment was to make some jelly. I don’t get on with gelatine. I’ve now tried three or four times to get ground up beefy bits make liquidy things go solid and […]