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It seems that I have somehow managed to get myself invited onto yet another podcast. This time rather than the assorted randomness that was required to impersonate the myk half of the Thomyk podcasting posse, I was allowed to be myself and witter intelligibly about old games with Matt of Geek Planet. In short: I’ve […]

Everything old is new again

I just read an announcement about the Wii that made me think. I do a lot of thinking. The Wii’s storage worked in an annoying way – not a lot of onboard space for downloaded games, applications and extra game content, but the ability to store things on an SD card. However – no ability […]

My leg hurts

I am injured. This will not be an incredibly surprising to many people, as my ability to snap the extremities of my body, or at least bang them about in ways that causes injuries with latin names, is well known. However, this time I have added to my normal clumsiness and illness finding talents a […]

House of the Dead: OVERKILL

The Wii doesn’t get a lot of love these days. Games companies seem to mainly see it as a breeding ground for the newly emancipated gamer – people who haven’t necessarily got the years of playing that has turned them into cynical XBox owners, sniping at the PS3’s apparent lack of content. So, it’s shovelware […]

Fallout 3

The “one in, one out” policy I am currently operating on my games shelf (a rule that I will break next week with my purchase of Rock Band 2, although I am justifying that by claiming that Rock Band is not just a game but a lifestyle choice…) was activated a couple of weeks back […]

Dead Space

So, I finished Dead Space. I’ve been talking it up for a while and now that it’s done I can happily say that it was good. Yahtzee brings up some good points in his as usual bile filled rant, but I enjoyed it almost from beginning to end. Quick synopsis is that it’s Event Horizon. […]

The Fuckest Uppest

So this weekend, in amongst the Open House-ing shenanigans and the “lower reaches of Billy’s body” destroying fun of the Freewheel I acquired a copy of the new Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, TFU to it’s friends (Spaced reference alert). The demo didn’t particularly impress, with a dodgy quick time event at the […]