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Tag: iphone

iPhoney Goodness

I’ve had my shiny iPhone for a week (almost to the minute) and it’s lovely. The camera even works alright.

…just one more thing

My final piece of iPhone info fell into place, after speaking to the nice chap in the O2 store on Ealing Broadway. Here is a bulleted list: The Ealing Broadway shop should have a good stock of phones as they are a ‘concept store’ and thus get more shiny than mere normal stores. They also […]

More iPhone Obsessiveness

I mentioned my love of spreadsheets in my last post, but it seems I did not realise the true depth of that love until I started feeding numbers vaguely related to the iPhone into Excel… It’s truly filthy and I am ashamed. Anyway, as part of the road to accepting my row and column based […]

Where did it all go wrong..?

As I wandered around Tesco yesterday, grumbling to myself about the constant lack of availability of my toilet paper of choice (both brand and pack size, a combination that has become important to me) and listening to Dire Straits, I realised that my life may have moved on a bit from my not-as-wild-as-I-like-to-think student days. […]