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This is the last one. I promise. For now. The Qype lot like playing, so here is, as they call it, NomNomNom: The Movie.

Blatant Vote Whoring

Hello lovely people. Please vote for me in NomNomNom and in thus doing so validate my pitiful existence. Just go over to the voting page, choose ‘Cowfish and Eater’ and click vote. I will owe you a beer, or something. Maybe a hug. Whatever floats your boat. A hug in a boat, with a beer? […]

NomNomNom – Team Cowfish and Eater: The Day of Cookening

Sunday July 12th was the fateful day where my experimentation ended and I had to dance like a performing monkey for the pleasure of the assembled judges. Well, more ‘buy ingredients and then cook a meal’, but an opportunity to compare myself to a performing monkey is not one that I will often turn aside. […]

NomNomNom – Experiment 3: Beefy Goodness

The title of this post is a little misleading and chosen because I like consistency. This should really be “Experiments that I would have done if a) the simple version hadn’t worked so well and b) I was sure of the likelihood of a blowtorch and temperature regulated waterbath system being available at the Cookery […]

NomNomNom – Experiment 2: A Trio of Granitas

One of the restrictions on our menus that the NomNomNom folks made up was that one course had to be entirely uncooked. At first this caused a bit of thinking, with Kang and I both throwing sushi and salads into the mix before we settled on pushing the uncooked to the end of the meal […]

NomNomNom – Experiment 1: Yorkshire Pudding

I’ve used NomNomNom as an excuse to do some experimentation. Not that interesting experimentation for most people, but I will have my fun. So experiment #1 is a dish that I have never cooked before, and one that after specific contemplation I’ve decided that I don’t like on an intellectual level, but after eating have […]


NomNomNom 09 is now done. London Eater and I did not win but I still achieved the following goals: I found a kebab shop in Ealing that doesn’t sell dirt kebabs I found a new bar that I would like to count as my local (despite it being an hour away by night bus). I […]


In my normal style of double booking myself, I have two food related things I’m down for this weekend. Firstly, the one that I’m missing, is a barbeque where we will divvy up the pig that the Randomness posse bought a while back (named Ssenmodnar for historical reasons), which has finally reached the end of […]