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Tag: photoblog

Flying kites

This weekend I was down in sunny (for Saturday at least) Shoreham-by-Sea, home of my grandparents, former location of my Dad’s school (which was knocked down and replaced by a library and community centre, and after moving around a bit is back on the other side of Shoreham) and now home to the DaveNLet gestalt […]


It seems that I am in Lisbon. This is not particularly a shock to me, as I booked up my tickets, hotel and registration for YAPC::Europe back in May – a spectacular feat of organisation by my standards. So, here I am in the land of custard tarts and not-as-bad-beer-as-everyone-else-says, eating custard tarts and drinking […]

iPhoney Goodness

I’ve had my shiny iPhone for a week (almost to the minute) and it’s lovely. The camera even works alright.

Black Sun Down

Joe, Marc, Tim and Adam I seem to be knackered. After a simple day yesterday of watching the rather excellent Stingray Sam, eating noodles and then watching the also excellent Timecrimes I went to sleep. This morning I woke up stupidly early, eventually ignored the thunder, lightning and rain, and then wandered down to Canterbury […]


I went out to take some photos at lunchtime today, I don’t do that anywhere near enough anymore…

Ben Kweller at the Union Chapel

As we get towards the end of the year there’s normally an upswing of interesting gigs, with the christmas spirit overflowing into the pockets of the promoters as they drag acts out for a once yearly showing. So, despite a singular lack of interest from you, the viewing public, I’ve dragged my lonely carcass along […]

Amplified08 (or Amplified 08 depending on what google says…)

For years I’ve been interested in the way that people interact online, from chatting via the terminal at college, through blogging LiveJournal, to the constant barrage of Twitter and it’s new ilk. These days these are all rolled up under the rather inclusive banner of “Social Media” a term that I feel has little meaning. […]

BT Towah, Onegai shimasu

I wandered away from the post London Perl Workshop drinkathon while there was still free beer left in the pub and then spent a while getting back to the station because of the view above. Somehow I’ve not actually taken many (if any) pictures of the BT Tower before, so it was nice to finally […]

Dead Pool

This is the sort of photograph you take when you’ve been playing Dead Space for too long. It’s a dangerous thing seeing every scene as an over the shoulder moment before a necromorph tries to chop you up in an artistically pleasing fashion.


Another from Brentford. I took this because of the colours, shapes and lines – I didn’t even notice the sign until my dad pointed it out on flickr…