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Drag Me To The Hell

I like Sam Raimi. Despite the abominations of the Spiderman trilogy (with the third making me question my fondness for him in an almost vocal manner) I have hung in there and awaited a return to making silly scrungy horror. My wait seemed to be in vain, but is now over with the release of […]

Crank High Voltage

It’s strange when a film as seemingly thoughtless as Crank 2 inspires so much thought. For someone who hasn’t seen anything from the franchise they probably appear to be big dumb action movies, with Jason Statham put in increasing situations of ridiculousness which he gets out of in increasingly violent ways, however I think there […]

Red Riding

I first heard of David Peace a couple of months back. Knowing none of his work to date I grabbed an eBook of Tokyo Year Zero because it a) had an okay cover b) tickled my bimonthly obsession with Japan and c) was available as an eBook. It was okay – stylishly written, by which […]


One of the lovely things about LoveFilm is that they have an almighty pile of random DVDs that I have never heard of. What is also lovely about them is that former flatmates Dave’n’Let also have an account, rent the random DVDs that I’ve never heard of and then lend them to me with recommendations […]


When it comes to film, this weekend’s viewing has been a total write off. Not only were they bad films, but they have shaken my faith that even the worst movies can have a factor of amusement and that the glorification of mediocrity can in itself be fun. No, these films were bad enough to […]


I’ve never been a fan of the Rocky films, I saw the original Rocky at a mate’s 11th birthday party, didn’t like it and ever since tried to avoid the movies. I’ve seen bits of Rocky 2 and 3, and have seen Rocky IVĀ (the only one that I felt demanded roman numerals) due to the […]

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

Heavy Metal in Baghdad – Haiku review on As I tweeted when I got home last night, I’m unsure about this film. It’s about Iraq’s ‘Only Heavy Metal Band’, Acrassicauda, and while it gives a rather scarily frank view of life on the ground in Baghad, on occasion it had a strange feeling of […]