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Tag: #sfl09

Sci-Fi-London 8

I may be a bit late with writing up my activities over the last $timeperiod, but after a week hidden underground at the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival my brain has taken a little while to start working at the required speed again. The flywheel has reached velocity, so here goes. This was my fourth year of […]

Making movies, making songs and fighting ’round the world

This weekend I done made a film. Not one of my ‘special’ movies that the restraining order says I can’t send to Belinda Carlisle any more, but an entry for the SCI-FI-LONDON 48hour Film Challenge. I didn’t really mean to enter, it just sort of happened. After taking some piccies of the cinema full of […]


My yearly bout of poking sci-fi film fans into darkened spaces is almost upon us and the Sci-Fi-London film festival will soon be opening its doors. The schedule is now up on the website and it has expanded this year to have a programme of panels and talks running in parallel with the movies. It’s […]